A Year Later…


So it would seem that it’s been a whole, entire year since I last posted on this ‘blog’
Life happened, I think, life is still happening now and I’m thinking of coming back.
I’ll have to go away and have a bath or sit on the toilet (come on now, we all do our big thinking in the tub/shower or whilst on the loo. Don’t be lying to me.) and have a think about what direction I want this to go in and how to do that.

So… yeah, hello again, if you’re still here, thank you very much to you for sticking around and if you’re new, I apologise.
If you want to stay tuned to see where the fuck this ends up, great!

I’ll be seeing you ❀



Good evening my dearest readers,
I hope you are all well! I must apologise for being awol for a few days and not posting as frequently as usual but I’ve been going through some personal issues. Do you forgive me? Please forgive me! I know you do.
I come bearing exciting news…… *drum roll please*
I have just opened my very own Etsy shop! It’s nothing special but it’s mine.
It’s called Moomin SketchesΒ & I offer custom illustrations, if you want to check it out please head over to MY SHOPΒ  —- —Β Eeeeeeeek. I like saying that πŸ˜‰

Beautiful Curiosities

Mental health awareness week is almost over so I wanted to make a post telling you just how important it is. (if you didn’t already know!)
Other suffers and I are working hard to get the message out there so please check out my friend Helen’s contribution to mental health awareness week on her blog Beautiful Curiosities
Thank you.



I found this on my Facebook feed from ‘the writers circle’ page and thought it would be an interesting idea to try to use at least one of these words a day.
Sometimes the best words get forgotten in favour of the more common and that simply cannot do.
What’s your favourite word to use? I personally adore the word ‘shenanigans’.